24/7 Appraisal Virtual Assistant Service for Real Estate Appraisers

Appraiser to decide any shift time suitable for VA.

*All SignatureValue employees are regularly trained for current U.S. real estate standards and our customer service center is U.S. based to minimize the communication gap between customers and data entry agents*


We support a la mode WinTOTAL, ACI and Bradford's ClickFORMS.

Form Type

1004 URAR, 1025 Multi-Family, 1073 Condo, 2055 Exterior, 1007+216 Rental, 1004C Manufactured, GP Form, Land Appraisal.

Service Area

Anywhere in U.S. Working with All 50 States

Job Duties

● VA is available by phone and email to handle correspondences and respond as appropriate
● Keep track of new order and create new orders as per client request in particular software
● Respond to bids from AMC’s and lenders via management platform
● Respond to any scheduling questions
● Handle calendar management duties by coordinating executives’ schedules and appointments
● Schedule inspections
● Address any forwarded urgent emails
● Manage files in electronic forms using applications such as Dropbox and Google Docs
● Download all data from MLS for report writing
● Add all subject pictures in report
● Validate all comps and subject data from county/tax record
● Complete full report with 1004MC, Maps, Photos, Adjustment Part (You need to review the completed report)

Data to be provided by the appraiser :

Inspection Sheet
Rough Sketch
MLS Numbers

We will complete more than 90% of report with data entry, 1004MC, Maps, Photo’s. You need to review the completed report, do necessary adjustment.

For more information, please contact Brian Keller @ 619 354 5126 between Monday to Friday-8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

Uniform Residential Appraisal Form
YES, we insert pictures

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